Traditional Holistic Health Partners

After 12 years of practicing solo, Jennifer moved to a larger office in downtown San Francisco to found a new group practice, Traditional Holistic Health Partners. The idea was born out of the yearning to create a healthy community. This community not only encompasses the practitioners at 490 Post Street, but also our clients, friends, family and extended colleagues. Our goal is to spread health. Research studies show that social ties have short and long-term health benefits such as reducing the incidence of colds and flus and predicting longer survival rates for diseases. Communities are a work in progress and we welcome you to join us in our endeavor to keep you, your family and ourselves healthy.



RitaRita Cruz-Zaterka, C.A.S, P.K.S received dual certification in 2001 from the California College of Ayurvedic Medicine and the Vedic Institute of New Mexico in Clinical Ayurveda. In the Vedic Traditions of Jyotisha (vedic astrology), and Vastu (design), she was certified in 2004 through the Vedic Vidya Institute.

As a Vedic Specialist, Rita interweaves these ancient traditions through health and life consulting. She leads her clients toward an in depth understanding of both the physical and astrological constitution they are born with, thus sheds light on how to achieve a balanced state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Rita also offers therapeutic treatments in the traditional seasonal cleansings called Pancha Karma and helps our clients lose inches fast with our Jadience Slim Wraps.  contact: 415-939-2770