Autumn: Slow Down to Reflect and Resolve

As the days grow shorter and the air crisp, our energy naturally slows down and draws us inward giving us time to reflect, take stock and hopefully resolve any issues. What might still be sitting on your plate or resting in your mind?

For me, it’s sending out my newsletter. I spent my summer in yang mode, being active and using my energy to pursue new ideas and fun adventures. And since summer is the most energetic of the seasons, it was appropriate that I took a Blood Chemistry Course, learned about Microcurrent Therapies and brought new technology, the Acutron, into the office.

I also took time off to travel to Madagascar and Mauritius to bask in the equatorial sunshine, meet lemurs in their natural habitat and spend time reflecting on my life and work. 

Ahhh, time for reflection. A lot has happened since I moved to our office on Post Street in the summer of 2013. Aside from renovating and then moving to this larger office I also happened to learn that my husband Jack, was diagnosed with another malignant brain tumor in August 2013. The first one, to his doctors’ surprise, he survived for 19 years.

His original diagnosis back in 1994 and the experiences we shared during his revovery process was ultimately the impetus that led me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture. This most recent diagnosis in 2013 was the impetus for me to spend a year studying Contemplative Caregiving with the San Francisco Zen Center last year. And now, with more skills to help myself and others, I bring you my newsletter, “Notes from the Table con Cariño.”

I’m calling it “Notes from the table” since this is where most of our conversations are had, on the acupuncture table. I am honored every time you share with me your personal health issues, your struggles and your successes and I am filled with gratitude when I can share with you what I’ve learned about health and life.

The part that speaks to “Con Cariño”? Well, in Spanish, cariño is a term of endearment.  It can mean care, love or affection. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist out of love. My love for my husband inspired us to seek out acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle changes as part of his cancer recovery. I am moved to practice this medicine out of love and I care so much for all of you.

In coming newsletters I resolve to share with you: new treatments I’m offering, new health information I’m learning and healthy recipes and products I’m trying.

I welcome your feedback and hope that you’ll even comment on the title of my new newsletter. Is it corny? Do you like it? Any other suggestions? Just in case someone suggests something I like even more than “notes from the Table con Cariño,” they’ll get a gift certificate for a free treatment! Yay! Feel free to comment now.

Eat for nourishment.
Live for love.
Relish the time you have with family and friends.
Enjoy your holiday weekend.