Have You Fallen Off or Just Need Help Staying on That Wagon?

I love french fries, ice cream and wine.  Not all together of course but, when it’s a late night out accompanied by a glass of wine or two, I tend to get hungry and want to soak that wine up with french fries.  Ugh!!

Yes, I too have some comfort foods I might indulge in. It may not be as visible to you but the effects are there.

Some of us immediately gain weight when we partake in these types of food and drink.  Others break out in acne, eczema or psoriasis.  Some people experience digestive upsets like bloating, acid reflux, and changes to the bowels.

These are just the visible or slightly hidden signs of an improper diet.  Over time, these symptoms can turn into larger inflammatory issues like chronic pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, migraines, ADD/ADHD, etc.

Essentially, inflammation is the precursor to all major diseases including heart disease, auto-immune issues and cancer.

What do you do to stop the inflammatory process?

Get back on that wagon.


As of last night, I stopped eating ice cream.  Tonight I’ll just throw out the rest of it.  I don’t need to be tempted.

And you?  What will you do to get back to your healthy habits?

William Song, hypnotherapist, and I are teaming up to offer another one of our popular Mindful Eating Workshops on Saturday, June 3rd. 

It’s a 3 hour worksop that will focus on simple hypnosis techniques, meditation, nutrition and habit change.

People have reported losing 10 pounds after attending this workshop.  

I can’t say that everyone will lose this amount of weight and some don’t even need to, but what I can tell you is that after attending you’ll leave with some information to feed your brain literally and subliminally.  You’ll also leave with a plan.

It’s not just about weight loss.

It’s about getting healthy.

A little support goes a long way.  Start getting healthy today and start June 3rd with a supportive group at your side.

Space is limited so sign up for this workshop now! 

For private counseling and acupuncture for weight loss and general health maintenance, please book your appointment.