He’s 6’5″ and the Biggest Gift I Received All Year

When my husband and I chose to travel to Mauritius last year, we were drawn by the idea of a quiet get away, on a small island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A place where we could rest and regroup as he was recovering from his brain surgery. And for me, it was the perfect all-inclusive vacation. I didn’t have to think, plan or be responsible for anything. I could just be one with myself and one with my husband. Ahhhh.

As with every big vacation, the unexpected happens.

I received the biggest and most beautiful gift. His name was Michael. We met him in the airport shuttle on the way to our hotel. We were staying at the same resort. One thing led to another and soon…

I was in love all over again.

Wait, what you say???

Hold on now. Here’s how it went.

Michael and my husband Jack got along famously. Jack is quite the raconteur. He would tell story after story, sharing funny and big moments from our life together.

Michael listened, laughed and shared his own stories. His laughter and joy were infectious. Before I knew it, the three of us were closing down restaurants all over the resort because we couldn’t stop storytelling and laughing. I hadn’t laughed this hard or this much in YEARS!

Jack’s recent brain surgery, his recovery and our need to rebuild our life in a whole new way didn’t exactly bring the laughs on, but Michael did. He reminded me how funny Jack is, how far he’s come in his recovery and of his strong spirit.

I learned in my meditation practice, that the only thing stable in life is change and realized on this trip, that Jack was no longer in the depths of his recovery. He was beyond that. I was no longer the primary caregiver, but the lucky wife.

And so I fell in love with Jack all over again and some spark and joy returned to our lives. Michael was the perfect gift.

My hope for all of you is that you too receive the perfect gift this year, in whatever form it arrives. And when it is presented to you, may you recognize it and embrace it.

My new year’s wish for you is simple, that you share many hearty laughs with those you love.

May your laughter bring joy and may the joy bring added health.

May 2016 be an extra special, extra happy year for you.

Con mucho cariño,



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