Who’s Going Home for the Holidays?

Where do you consider your home to be?

The one you’re living in now?  The one that your parents live in?  How about the one you’re dreaming of owning one day?

I happen to be “home” right now and considering these very questions.

Since being together, my husband and I have called 10 different places our home.  We happen to appreciate different types of architecture and enjoy a change of scenery so moving to a new home is like enjoying an extended vacation by the beach or living in a walkable urban neighborhood.

It’s like trying on a new life to see what fits.  As we change, so does our home.  At some point though, I started wondering recently when or if we’ll settle down and find ourselves in our “forever home.”

I sat in meditation this morning.  I sat comfortably cross legged on the sofa, eyes closed and hands folded softly in my lap.  I took note of my breath and continued to sit, breathing quietly and mindfully.

I set my intention to let go of my “to do” list and just pay attention to the moment.  And as I continued to breathe I felt joy, ease and happiness.  And while it’s not uncommon for me to feel these thoughts emanate from my chest when in meditation, today I decided to find out where these feelings came from.  And surprisingly, it came to me.


Not the home that has four walls with interesting architectural details, but the home that is inside of me.  The home that I take with me wherever I go.  The home that comes along for the ride, inviting my friends and family to join me.

I was so excited I literally leaped out my meditative position and started writing.  I found my home!  And while it’s true that I just may move again, there are two things that I know are for certain and two things you too can count on:

  1. Wherever I am, I am home.  Just close your eyes, breathe and find your happy, peaceful place within yourself.  You too can be “home.”

  2. My “other home” is your second home and you are always welcome here.

What do I mean by this?  

I’ve always thought of our Clinic Space as my second home and my safe place.

When experiencing my own personal stress or when moving, I actually go to my office for respite.  While it might represent my place of “work,” it also represents and holds a quiet and stable energy that comforts and sustains me.

It’s from this place of ease that I want you to also feel the clinic to be your second home.  The place you go to experience serenity and a return to health.  This is your sanctuary whenever in need.

So the next time you book an appointment with me and find yourself in for a treatment, go ahead and come in a few minutes early or stay a few minutes longer.  Have some refreshing lemon water or sip a hot and comforting cup of tea and know that you’re also home with me.